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GRIPPER BROWN 4 ARROW - marksman-quivers
GRIPPER BROWN 4 ARROW - marksman-quivers
GRIPPER BROWN 4 ARROW - marksman-quivers



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  • This gripper is a perfect match for our brown 4 arrow hoods. Holds 4 arrows tight and secure. Whether you shoot skinny carbons or tapered 23/64” wood shaft. We have you covered.

    Its smaller size will have the least impact on your bow. Making it Ideal for longbows and smaller re-curves.

    Perfect for shorter hunts and sleek minimal setups. Our 4 arrow gripper will enhance your longbow or re-curves look and feel.

    If you have a beautiful custom bow. Why not add a premium custom gripper to you setup to seal the deal in looks and functionality.

    As part of a modular system they can be transferred between different brackets. So you can change and upgrade when you need to.

    On a hunt or at the range. Our Premium grippers will keep your arrows safe, secure and sharp. So you can concentrate on hitting the target.

  • Some of the features that you will enjoy when you buy a premium custom gripper.

    1. Weight 47g / 1.66 oz
    2. Lifetime warranty for original owner
    3. Micro capacity
    4. Coloured leather accent piece
    5. Matte black anodised aluminium brackets
    6. Black anodised aluminium fasteners
    7. Quick release “no tool” rubber inserts
    8. 2 sizes of rubber gripper inserts included
    9. Weatherproof finish
    10. Mounts at any angle
    11. Left and right compatible
    12. Modular system
  • There are no requirements for this setup.