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Marksman Quivers Warranty 

At Marksman quivers, quality is very important. We strive to use the best quality parts and techniques. When designing and making our products the focus is on quality. It’s clear in our designs, customer service and in our products.

Our philosophy embraces this focus. We make nothing that is “disposable”. We will not release a product until we are 100% certain of its quality and functionality. We will always strive to improve our as new materials and techniques become available to us.

If your Marksman quiver. Or any part in our range fails because of defective materials or craftsmanship. Under normal use conditions during the warranty period. Which is as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. We'll repair or replace the part(s) with no questions asked.

To request a repair, submit a repair inquiry using the contact form. We will get straight back to you with the next steps.

If the fault occurred as a result of 'abnormal' usage. With no offence intended – we'll contact you to get your approval to repair the part(s) at your expense.



The Marksman quivers Warranty guarantees. That all the components on our products will be free from defects. In material or craftsmanship for the duration of the warranty period. Which is as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

If one of our products fails during the warranty period due to a defect in material or craftsmanship. We will repair or replace the defective part(s). Upon return of the product to Po Box 98 Buxton NSW 2571, together with your proof of purchase.

When the part(s) are replaced or repaired we will invoice you for return shipping. The part(s) will be returned to you when this invoice has been paid in full.



The warranty does not cover damages that result from misuse or abuse of the product. Modifications to our products other than what is deemed necessary in the instructions. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damages such as abrasion, general aging, scratches or fading. The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages. Resulting from improper use of associated gear and abnormal situations.


We know your quiver has to withstand a lot, being used outdoors in varying terrains and climates. This is why we make our quivers as tough as we can using lightweight materials. This ensures the performance and functionality of our products. 

But like your favorite bow and other gear, our quivers will scuff, dint and scratch as you use them. We see it as unavoidable, and character building. We encourage you to use our products for their intended use. This kind of wear and tear is considered normal and is not covered by our warranty.